Claire’s Tale of Transformation

Mar 12, 2015

It was September 2013 and I was browsing through the Expat Woman website while waiting for my daughter to finish her singing lesson. An ordinary activity on an ordinary day. Little did I know that that would be a pivotal moment in my life.

I saw a course advertised: A Weekend Introduction to Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling. Working as a Primary School teacher I’d always been interested in positive psychology and it caught my interest.

I called up there and then, spoke to Dr. Leila Edwards and booked my place on the course. I was working part-time as a supply teacher, however, it had been a while since I’d participated in any continuing professional development courses and I was ready to sink my teeth into something new, exciting, and outside my usual remit.

As soon as I attended the course I loved it: Dr. Leila has a myriad of skills, qualifications, and experience as a therapist and educator; my fellow students came from varied backgrounds and my interest was captured immediately.

I decided to sign up for the One Year UK Certified International Diploma in Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy and Counselling Skills. I dedicated one weekend per month to attend classes, five days per month seeing practice clients, and then further independent study to complete reading and written assignments.

It was challenging, it was time-consuming and I did have to make sacrifices at the weekend when all my family and friends were out having fun. However, I, along with my classmates persevered – we supported each other. In fact, these classmates have now become an intrinsic part of my life and I value their friendship dearly.

Training to be a therapist means ultimately you want to help others and this line of work attracts a certain type of person: you need an interest in other peoples’ feelings and wellbeing, be prepared to listen without judgment - although being positive and having a sense of humour does help too!

We worked a lot on our own confidence and self-esteem and develop resources and skills to ensure we did not transfer our own issues during work with clients.

During that year I enjoyed being a learner again so much that I signed up for an NLP Practitioner course and completed my Active HypnoBirthing and Advanced Pain Management qualification.

I use the skills I have learned on a daily basis: during my teaching; the way I speak to my children; the way I relate to my husband and friends and, of course, in my new career.

Last year I set up my own Hypnotherapy and Coaching business called Pivotal Mind. I work mostly with professional athletes to prepare them for International tournaments. My hours are flexible to fit in with my family responsibilities and I absolutely love my new job.

I still attend courses at Transformations Institute to broaden my skills, develop my knowledge, and to receive support and supervision. I am currently halfway through the Advanced Diploma and will complete the NLP™ Master Practitioner and obtain the NLP™ Licensed Coach certificate before the summer.

To say Transformations institute has changed my life is an understatement. My pivotal moment of change was making that first jump into the unknown. I’m so glad I did – what will your pivotal moment be…? Are you ready to make a change and move forward to achieve your vision of success and fulfilment…?
Claire Peirson

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