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Epigenetics & Hypnotherapy

Here at Transformations Institute we  really like Epigenetics. We think it's the best thing since unsliced bread.

One of the most pernicious (and outdated) beliefs currently being pedaled by the disempowerment fan club is that we are the way we are because of our genes and that this cannot be changed. We have had clear, sound, and solid evidence that this is not true since, at least, 1952 because that was the year in which an anesthesiologist, by the name of Albert Mason, cured a boy of a genetic disorder solely by the application of hypnotherapy.  Here is Dr Mason's own account of the event in an interview with Marianne Robinson for the Northwestern Psychoanalytic Society and Institute in 2011.

'I was an anesthesiologist first and I became very interested in delivering babies without anesthesia, because anesthesia depresses the respiration of the baby. So I experimented with hypnotism and it went quite well except it is very time consuming. And then local aesthesia came along and the need for hypnosis decreased and it became more of a curiosity rather than something practical. The thing is, that once you are known as a hypnotist in a hospital they send you all the hard cases that they don’t know what to do with and want you to perform miracles.

So one day I was about to anesthetize a young boy who looked to me as if he was covered with warts, millions and millions of them all over his body except his face and chest. The surgeon was trying to graft skin on him but it didn’t work. So one day I said to the surgeon “why don’t you try hypnosis.” He said, “Why don’t you?” So he turned the case over to me, and I hypnotized the boy and told him the warts should go off his left arm and sent him away. He came back a week later and his arm was totally clear. I photographed him and showed it to the surgeon and he looked at me with a pitying look and said “This isn’t warts! This is a case of congenital ichthysiform erythroderma.” He said it is congenital, incurable, structural and don’t do any more because nobody will believe you.

I was shocked. I looked it up and saw that this was something he had been born with and decided to publish it. I had him photographed in sections and published it in the British Medical Journal as I treated him limb by limb. It was picked up by every newspaper in the world including Time Magazine and I was famous overnight for curing the elephant skin boy. So, you know, I didn’t understand anything of what I had done and I was offered a scholarship at St. George’s Hospital to investigate the treatment of skin disease by hypnotism. I treated 100 cases and presented them at the International Congress of Dermatology.'

An article about Dr Mason's experience was published by the British Medical Journal in August 1952 and you can click here to read it:

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