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Our two principals are Dr Leila Edwards and Phil Edwards. We also work in association with a number of specialist international consultants and organisations.


Dr Leila Edwards

BA (Hons), MSc,  MBA, Ph.D, PGCE, Cert.Couns. LCIP, Cert.SS, Dip.Ad.Hyp, FCI.TFC, MAPHP(Acc), FRSA

Dr Leila is the leading consultant hypnotherapist and motivational coach based in Dubai, where she is the Principal of Transformations Institute. Dr Leila works in private practice as well as the corporate sector, devising and delivering innovative courses in personal and professional development that are consistently rated as ‘excellent’. Having pioneered hypnotherapy training in the Middle East with a series of successful Foundation in Hypnotherapy courses, she established the first internationally-accredited Professional Practitioner Diploma in Hypnotherapy in the Gulf states, in association with the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (EICH), UK, for whom she is a Fully Certified Instructor. A qualified counsellor and therapist, Dr Leila was personally trained in advanced and clinical hypnotherapy by a number of leading practitioners, including Valerie Austin, author of many self-help books on hypnotherapy, and Gil Boyne, a renowned hypnotist, educator, and founder of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners.

Dr Leila has been actively involved in promoting holistic approaches to personal development, health and wellbeing for over 35 years; initially as a practitioner of meditation, yoga and tai chi and then as a lecturer, counsellor, therapist, consultant and trainer whose career has spanned the field of human potential. She has trained in a wide range of psychological and other complementary therapeutic techniques, including breathing, massage and colour therapies. She is a certified stress management consultant and accredited teacher, gaining a distinction in her postgraduate certificate from London University Institute of Education. Trained as a supervisor at the International Institute for Counselling & Professional Development, Dr Leila is also a parent educator, certified by the National Childbirth Trust, and was a founder member of the Active Birth Teachers Association. As a Dean, Director and Consultant in several prestigious universities and colleges in the UK and the Middle East, Dr Leila’s research in the field of education and health care has led her to play key roles in setting up innovative provision both in mainstream and alternative settings. She has also supervised and trained many counsellors, therapists, health and medical professionals.

A pioneer of innovative approaches ranging from assertiveness training, communication and creative management skills to active birth, hypnobirthing and rebirthing, Dr Leila has established therapeutic and management development centres in the UK and the Gulf. As a stress management consultant, she has given advice and support through the media, including LBC Radio in London. A specialist in creativity, innovation and change, she trained with Robert Fritz as a Fully Certified Instructor in Technologies for Creating and went on to become a Team Leader and Tutor for the Open University Business School. Dr Leila has taught on many MBA and post-MBA Masterclass programmes and also featured in an OU BBC television production as a leading facilitator of creativity groups.

An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and an Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honor Society, Dr Leila has advised government ministers and public bodies and been involved in many professional associations. Most recently she has founded the first Middle East branch of the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy. She has a long history of serving the community and was honoured with a Women of the West Award for her public service and contribution to lifelong learning.

Email: drleila@transforminst.com

Linkedin: ae.linkedin.com/pub/dr-leila-edwards/1/903/0/

Phil Edwards

Phil Edwards

BA (Hons), M.A, PGCE (FE), Cert.C&G, Cert.HRI, IIHT, IYQTCCA, Dip.Ad.Hyp. MAPHP

Phil is a senior consultant with a wide range of professional experience, having achieved successful outcomes in education, training and management roles in service-orientated organisations in the UK and Middle East. As a Director and Head of Department in further and higher education and training organisations in the UK and Gulf, Phil built high performance teams and established comprehensive staff development programmes. He has extensive experience in the field of teaching and learning, specialising in learning skills development, accelerated ‘superlearning’, and maximising human potential.

His commitment to enabling access and increasing participation led Phil to implement effective systems and structures for the assessment and support of people with learning difficulties and/or disabilities, the subject of his PhD research. He has set up and managed innovative learning support provision and led a UK government-funded project to promote access to higher education, described as a ‘model of good practice’ by the Director of the UK National Disability Team. His specialist knowledge in the field of learning support needs and assistive technology includes remediating difficulties with English Language, access to text, dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, and other specific learning difficulties, as well as physical disabilities/sensory impairment. Phil is an accredited Assessor of learning support needs for local education authorities in the UK, with knowledge of the legal and educational framework for disability issues, including the allocation of Disabled Student Allowances. His background in the construction industry and environmental design informs his conduct of organisational Access Audits, facilitating the integration of able-bodied and disabled people and promoting equity and lifelong learning.

Phil has longstanding experience and research interests in the field of human potential and particularly the application of holistic approaches to health care and well-being, drawing on traditional and contemporary approaches. He has undertaken training in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hatha Yoga and the Martial Arts. As a Level 2 Instructor in Tai Chi Chuan (with Martial endorsement) for the Yong Quan Tai Chi Chuan Association, Phil has taught Tai Chi in the UK and Dubai. He also trained as an instructor in the Healing Tao with Master Mantak Chia, received Second Degree Reiki, and trained in ‘Brain Gym’ and ‘Touch for Health’ Kinesiology. He is a qualified therapist and hypnotherapist, completed specialized training in hypnotherapy for HIV/AIDS and immunity disorders, and is a Certified Instructor for Essex Institute for Clinical Hypnosis. Phil co-authored ‘Heart to Hara’, exploring the combination of breathing therapy and shiatsu massage.

Phil’s ‘Smart Superlearner’ courses and workshops help to demystify the process of learning and promote effective strategies for improving reading speed, accuracy, literacy, concentration, and learning skills. He also teaches a range of effective management skills and courses in personal and professional development and has made presentations at many international conferences in education, management and human resources development. 

Email: transforminst@outlook.com