Coaching, Counselling & Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

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Our senior associates and consultants can provide effective Coaching, Counselling, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Clinical Hypnotherapy, and Couples, Relationships and Family Therapy.

All of our associates and consultants are trained and qualified with certification from the UK and/or North America.

Examples of the sorts of issues that we can successfully address include: 

Performance Enhancement in all areas both personal and professional

Quitting Smoking & Changing Negative Habits e.g. nail-biting, & hair-pulling, etc.

Weight Control, body image & eating disorders

Pain Relief: analgesia & anaesthesia

Sleeping Difficulties

Anxiety & ‘Nerves’


Phobias & Fears

Stress & Anger Management

Test & Examination Fears

Personal Confidence & Self-esteem

Relationship Issues

Psychosexual Difficulties

Depression & Negative Thinking

Unresolved Grief issues

Childbirth – ‘Hypnobirthing’

Pain Management:

Hypertension (high blood pressure)

Immune System Disorders

IBS & Digestive Problems

Skin Conditions

Improving Concentration & Memory

Public Speaking

Career & Goal Achievement

Accelerated Learning, including MindMapping, Speed Reading & Study Skills

Sports Enhancement… and more