Consultation Testimonials

Ruth Dancer

Goodwood Head of Customer Experience - Events, Aviation, Motor Circuit

Dr Leila is almost entirely responsible for my passion for and fascination with NLP. Through her coaching and training, I learnt a tremendous amount about the theory of NLP and the practical application of NLP in business and life in general. Through her teaching, I have been able to overcome my greatest difficulties and improve the way in which I approach difficult situations. I am a better sales person and my business has benefitted as a direct result. But perhaps most importantly, I have continued to be fascinated by the subject of NLP and believe it to be vital to anyone and everyone. The discipline is so far reaching in its capabilities and is a must for anyone with an open mind. Dr Leila is engaging, enthusiastic and clear in her explanations. She is supportive and professional and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.

Ruth was with another company when working with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.


David Davenport

Executive Coach, Trainer & Consultant

In the Middle East, Dr. Leila and the Transformations Institute are setting the standards for professional NLP and associated training. 

David was a consultant to Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.










Stefanie Kircher

Epic Testing Coordinator at Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Dr. Leila's Foundation Course in Dubai is intriguing, well-planned, and leaves attendees with the practical knowledge they need to continue pursuing a full hypnotherapy certification. During the course, Dr. Leila thoroughly explains the science behind hypnotherapy and other psychotherapy techniques in an easy-to-understand, intellectual way. Over the weekend we practiced relaxation techniques, explored biofeedback, and learned various other hypnotherapy and NLP skills that can be applied to every-day life. After the course, I walked away with a much better understanding of others and myself - and only a week later have already seen a difference in my life just by applying some of the techniques learned in the course!

I highly recommend the Foundation Course to anyone who's interested in learning more about hypnotherapy or in continuing their self development.

Stefanie was Dr Leila's client.


Peter Cook

Human Dynamics / The Academy of Rock / beCause Global Consulting / Virgin - Consultant, Speaker, Facilitator, Author

Leila is a skilled practitioner of creative management strategies, values and techniques, leaving others to just wonder how she gets people to do amazing things.As a personal development coach she excels in helping people to feel confident and capable about their achievements. I would recommend her to anyone that seeks to be their best in personal and professional life. Peter Cook, Author, Speaker and Musician.

Peter worked with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.


Fiona Andrews

Supervisor at the Association of Professional Hypnotherapists & Psychotherapists

Dr Leila Edwards has been the course leader or co-ordinator on several courses I have attended over the past five and a half years. I was first introduced to her as a trainer on a Foundation of Hypnotherapy course that I attended in June of 2006. That was a 2 day introduction into the world of hypnotherapy and I was hooked and went on to study for a International Diploma and then Advanced Diploma of Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy under her in association with the Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis.

I found Dr Leila to have a very charismatic personality who made learning interesting and fun. She is generous in sharing her vast experience and knowledge with her students and I would say that she goes above and beyond her duty in delivering courses of an extremely high standard that are internationally recognised and qualify her students to work as highly competent, capable and confident practitioners of hypnotherapy and psychotherapy.

She also undertakes her responsibility to her students, once they qualify in continuing their professional development, acting both as a supervisor to them and in organising and facilitating international trainers in related fields to travel to the Middle East to deliver courses that continue to educate, and give added therapeutic resources for use in their Practices.

Amongst some of the courses I attended in this sphere were NLP, CBT, OCD and Eating Disorders, and most recently Family Therapy with a Satir Trainer.

I would have no hesitation in highly recommending any course organised or conducted by Dr Leila and her business partner and husband Phil Edwards.

Fiona worked with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute and was her client and student.


Phillip Holt

Freeman of the City of London at City of London

Dr Leila Edwards organised many courses for me to present and give in Bahrain, with enthusiasm and good management. Leila and Philip also run an extensive range of courses and 1 to 1 work to a high standard.

Phillip worked directly with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.


Dr. Olessya Burgess

M.D & Alternative Medicine Professional, Counsellor, Psychotherapist, Hypnotherapist, Master Practitioner of NLP

Dr Leila taught me hypnotherapy, psychotherapy and NLP disciplines during a four year period. At all times I found her to be extremely knowledgeable and always willing to listen. She is a fantastic teacher and counsellor and I would be happy to recommend her services to anyone interested in Personal Development.

Dr. Olessya was Dr Leila's client & student.


Patrick Ludwick

Managing Partner

Dr. Leila, is a very experienced, dynamic professional that I have had the pleasure of working with. She is a true asset and delivers what she promises. I look forward to working with her again as soon as possible.

Patrick worked with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.


Anne Laure Renard

Clinical Hypnotherapist with Pyschotherapy, Life Empowerment Coach

I was very fortunate to have followed the International Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy as well as the NLP class delivered by Dr Leila. Dr Leila provides a very deep although lively class. She always challenges the students to the maximum in order to bring out their best and to discover new resources. These classes, as well as providing new skills and a new career path, have also helped me to understand important fundamentals about life and happiness and to be able to put them into practice. Therefore, I highly recommend Dr Leila to anyone interested in making a significant shift in their life towards the better.

Anne Laure was Dr Leila's client & student.


Jean-Luc Caste

Consulting Director at Optimize

I was the IT consultant for the creation of the Royal University for Women in Bahrain. And I had to work a lot with Leila Edwards as she was Director of Student Affairs and also the Coordinator for International Partnerships and the Project General Coordinator when the original Project General Coordinator left the project. I was very impressed by her organizational skills, her human relationship capability and her knowledge of the world of Higher Education.

Jean-Luc was with another company when working with Dr Leila at Royal University for Women.


Christina Authement

Independent Alternative Medicine Professional, Mental Healthcare

Dr. Leila was my teacher in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, an Advanced Diploma in the same subject and in NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner courses. She is an excellent teacher of a very high standard and has knowledge beyond the ordinary. I love to drink from her knowledge. She is very thorough and very giving and caring. She is one of the very few that represent quality in her field. I can highly recommend her.

Christina was Dr Leila's client and student.


Christal Dennis

Personal Performance Coach

Dr. Leila Edwards has has added value to many people's lives through the high quality courses she has taught and arranged over the years. All the courses I've attended with Dr Leila has always met and exceeded standards in content and presentation. I highly recommend her courses as they have made a substantial positive impact on my life both personally and professionally.

Christal was Dr Leila's client & student.


Aila Asu

Account Director at Mainostoimisto Double - Brand Communications Agency Double

Dr Leila Edwards is a great coach and mentor, a person, who can deliver the core of the information in clear and humorous way. Her lessons are most enjoyable and learning with her is interesting and fun from the very beginning till the end of the course. As a Hypnotherapist she is somebody worth looking up, whatever your issue might be, Leila can help you in a professional and discreet yet effective way.

Aila was Dr Leila's client & student.


Sridhar Mangu

Senior Civil Engineer at Technip

Dr. Leila provides high quality training in hypnotherapy/psychotherapy and counselling. I attended the course 'International Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Psychotherapy' in 2012 and got the competence and confidence required for an independent practice. I intend to attend the Advance Diploma course to be conducted by Dr. Leila later this year (2013).

Sridhar was Dr Leila's client & student.


Ray Rand

ICT Development Manager - Powys Training at Powys County Council

Dr Leila Edwards has been a friend and business colleague for many years. I have no hesitation in endorsing professionalism and expertise on this, or any other, service.

Ray was with another company when working with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute


Kadra Ahmed

Family therapist/Independent Mental health care professional at healthcare Ottawa

Dr. Leila Edwards has taught me numerous valuable courses of hypnotherapy, psychotherapy, and NLP in a 3 year period. I have always thought of her as generous when it came to sharing her experiences and knowledge with her students. Dr. Leila is a very well educated teacher that works on hand with her students, and gives the best of her ability to ensure her students get the best teaching, preparation, and experience possible. Amongst some of the courses I attended in this field are CBT, OCD and eating disorders, and family therapy with a Satir trainer. I was very impressed and pleased by her organization skills, friendship, and ability to have good relationships with everyone. I highly recommend her courses to anyone interested in human and personal development.

Kadra was Dr Leila's client & student.


Barrie Lynch

Assistant to Superintendent at Saudi Aramco

Dr Leila has been inspirational in my life since I first went to her for assistance in giving up a 3 pack a day 25 year smoking habit 3 years ago. Through the years I had made many attempts to quit using will power, acupuncture, patches etc. etc. but failed to succeed, so was not expecting miracles when I first pressed Leila’s door bell, but low and behold I am smoke free today and can honestly say I am sure I will never smoke again.

At the time I also had no direction or motivation in my life and had basically given up on my career advancement. My life was unhealthy and stress filled and completing day to day mundane tasks was about all that I thought that I could manage. But with Leila’s help I summoned up the courage to go back to University after a 15 year absence and am presently expecting to complete a 3 year Master’s Degree in Environmental Management in June 2012.

Leila’s in debth knowledge and expert use of the widest range of skills that deal with the human psyche i.e. psychological analysis techniques, hypnosis, stress relief techniques, NLP (neuro linguistic programming), breathing techniques, EFT (emotional freedom techniques), touch/tap acupuncture, colour therapy etc., ensured that I had the best chance of changing the path that I was on and of increasing my potential to ensure that I could achieve all that was possible in life and I now firmly believe that I will.

I would also like to express my sincere thanks to Leila’s husband Phil whose skills in advanced educational learning techniques i.e. reading with colours, speed reading, ideal learning techniques for different personality types, the importance of setting the mind frame to the correct state prior to study commencement etc., have meant that my grades have steadily increased over the past 2 years from my first grade of 57% to 93% as the latest grade that I have achieved on my Master’s Degree. I have received feedback from my University saying that they will use me as a case study for what students can achieve with the correct guidance.

I would also like to wish Leila and Phil the best of luck in their new ventures in Dubai and would advise anyone down there to take full advantage of their skills that are now available to you as I was so lucky to have done here in Bahrain.

Barrie was Dr Leila's client & student.


Jyoti Bablani

Independent Complementary Therapy & Fitness Professional

Dr. Leila is a multi-faceted personality, I have had the opportunity to learn and grow from her on a couple of courses from 2006. Her ENTHUSIASM is infectious i am INSPIRED by her tireless efforts towards perfection. She has made a positive DIFFERENCE in my life and the lives of many others. Its a shame that i did not utilize her presence here in Bahrain as effectively as i should have, therefore, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND, all of you lucky people out there in the U.A.E. to make the most of her recent move to Dubai if CHANGE AND GROWTH is what you want to see in any area of your life. Of course, for all those of us who are not too far... only a plane ride away... IT'S WORTH IT!!

Jyoti was Dr Leila's client & student.


Nigel Preece

Senior Coating Engineer at Hempel Paints

Used Dr Leila for hypnotherapy (even though I was highly cynical !) to give up smoking (smoker for 50 years.) Booked three sessions, preliminary, giving up and tidy up any loose ends.

I gave up after the preliminary session and have not smoked since. I still don't quite believe it myself !

Nigel was Dr Leila's client.


Steve Renow

Technical Consultant and Picture Editor

Dr Leila Edwards worked tirelessly to introduce our dyslexia diagnostic programme QuickScan into the Middle East market. She showed great skill in negotiating her way around the many political and cultural issues involved in that environment.

Steve was with another company when working with Dr Leila at Transformations Institute.