Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

These modules can be taken independently & as CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or CEU (Continuing Education Unit) modules. They are open to those with relevant background experience &/or qualifications for professional &/or personal development. For further details contact the Course Leader Dr Leila Edwards: drleila@transforminst.comThe Essex Institute


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Diploma in CBT & the Psychology of Depression, Grieving & Loss 15th - 18th (Fri - Mon) February

Assertiveness & Communication Skills 1st - 2nd (Fri - Sat) March

Archetypal Parts (Part 1) with Jung's model of the psyche 22nd - 23rd (Fri - Sat) March

Archetypal Parts (Part 2) with Transactional Analysis (TA) & Berne's Game Theory  21st - 22nd (Fri - Sat) June

Working with Children, Young People, Families & Parents  13th - 14th (Fri - Sat) September

Active Hypnobirthing & Advanced Pain Management 26th - 28th (Thurs - Sat) September

Advanced Breathing Therapy & Primal Trauma Release 11th - 12th (Fri - Sat) October



Training Psychological Therapists