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An introduction to the unique Society of NLP Licensed Coach programme; the only one of its kind in the entire MENA region

FINAL NLP Practitioner Course of 2019 Fri 26th April - Thurs 2nd May, 9.00 am - 6.00 pm Special Extra EARLYBIRD discount of AED1000 on standard fee until 30th Sept or while places still available

For many years, the only programmes in NLP leading to certification and accreditation by the SNLP (other than short courses run by Dr Richard Bandler in person), have been the Licensed NLP Practitioner and Licensed Master Practitioner courses. In recent times there has been a huge growth in the Coaching profession, with Coaches offering their services for Business, Executive and Leadership Coaching in the Corporate sector, Life Coaching, Career and Education Coaching, Sports and Performance Coaching, and the demand for Licensed Coach programmes. In response to popular demand, Dr Bandler has now approved a number of SNLP Licensed Trainers to deliver SNLP accredited Coaching programmes. Previously, the SNLP only offered Certification in Business Coaching and Sports Coaching but now Dr Bandler has appointed Alessio Roberti, the distinguished SNLP International Director of Business Coaching,  to develop a programme for SNLP Licensed Trainers to be certified to deliver the first SNLP accredited Licensed Coach courses, preparing participants to conduct Coaching in any field that they wish.

Now a very small number of of SNLP Licensed Trainers internationally, including Dr Leila and Phil Edwards of Transformations Institute, have been Licensed to deliver the new SNLP Licensed Coach programme.

The new programme comprises the following elements with two new Coaching modules as well as the SNLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner course. If you don’t wish to become a Licensed Coach, you can take the NLP courses without the Coaching Modules. If you have obtained both your NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification from a Licensed SNLP Trainer, then once you have gained experience and become skilled in NLP, then you are eligible to apply for training as an SNLP Licensed Trainer. 

NLP has been established for over forty years, since ‘The Structure of Magic – Volume 1’ by the co-creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder, was first published in 1975. Since then many people have developed their own interpretations and versions of NLP, however, the international Society of NLP™, which was founded by Bandler and Grinder as the first-ever NLP organization, is the only association that still follows the original model of ‘pure’ or ‘classic code’ NLP as developed by Bandler and Grinder. The Licensing Agreement and Certification for anyone who completes a Society of NLP™ accredited training, delivered by an approved and Licensed Society of NLP Trainer, is personally signed not only by the Trainer but also signed and sealed with a Unique Reference Number (URN) by Dr Richard Bandler and the President of the Society, John La Valle. Only certification bearing this seal and URN is genuinely a Society of NLP™ (SNLP) approved and recognized programme following Dr Richard Bandler’s approved curriculum.


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