NLP Introduction & Foundation

The NLP Introduction and Foundation course is a one-day online intensive that is ideal for those who want to go beyond what they’ve heard about what NLP is, or isn’t, and to get to grips with the basics in order to see how they can apply this remarkable system in their own lives.

If you know nothing about NLP then this course will provide you with everything that you need to take your understanding forward into the realm of practical action and measurable results.

If you already do know something about NLP then this course will reinforce, clarify, and complement your existing knowledge and skills.

Either way, you will be qualified and ready to successfully complete the full NLP Practitioner course, the NLP Coaching 1: Foundation course, or both!

This course will enable you to:

  1. Start to get the information that you need and not just what people want to give you
  1. Begin to influence people to be more cooperative and open to your ideas
  1. Understand, and change, your negative ways of thinking, feeling, and acting
  1. Help people to go beyond their fears and limitations