NLP Master Practitioner 25th Feb - 3rd March 2018

Download the Society of NLP Master Practitioner Curriculum.

(Also, the next NLP Practitioner Course is on the 28th Jan - 3rd Feb)

Standard Fee AED 8,950 Earlybird Fee (at least two weeks in advance) AED 8,450

Those who have already registered and paid for the course with the NLP Practitioner course above receive an additional discount of AED 1,000 for each of the courses at the applicable rate.

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The NLP Master Practitioner course can be taken independently of the coaching programme and can also be taken as a part of the programme either before or after the first Coaching Foundations Module. When taken independently then the NLP Practitioner course must be taken first.

The NLP Master Practitioner course increases the understanding gained on the Practitioner course and then builds on that understanding to develop new knowledge, skills, and techniques to provide a deeper and more practical awareness of NLP's principles and methodology. As a result of this process, your mastery of the creative and innovative applications of NLP will increase.

This will enable you to identify your strengths, abilities and resources and to understand how to use them to live a more fulfilled and successful life, to take control of your emotions, and to become a powerful communicator and persuader who exudes confidence and builds rapport with ease.