The Science of Truth & Lies (STL)


This course can be delivered as a 4- or 3-day training, or a shorter introductory workshop.

The purpose of this course is to enable participants to be better able to interact with and elicit information from others, especially in high stake contexts, based on a clear understanding of how to identify and interpret the five channels of communication and the application of active listening and observation skills.  It will improve their capacity to evaluate the credibility of data received in the course of observations, conversations, interviews and investigations, based on reliable techniques and models developed over decades of research in behavioural science that is actively used by governments and corporations.

By the end of the full course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of baselines and when they occur
  • Take a structured approach to the detection of ‘leakage’ through the five communication channels
  • Identify and evaluate ‘hotspots’
  • Carry out hypothesis testing
  • Identify and evaluate clues to lying and truth telling
  • Adopt active listening and observation skills
  • Utilise these skills to evaluate truthfulness & credibility.

 Mutually convenient deliver dates are arranged when the courses are commissioned by clients.