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Advanced Archetypal Parts Therapy Parts 1 & 2

This is a double module, each module consisting of an intensive 2-day online training, a total of 4 days, each Part carrying 15 hours of CPD/CEU Credits, a total of 30 hours.

PART 1 includes an introduction to Jung’s model of the psyche, transpersonal approaches and practical Mandala work.

PART 2 includes an introduction to Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) and Games Theory

In these two parts of a double module we will explore Advanced Parts Therapy and Archetypes and go into more depth about Terence Watts’ “Warrior, Settler, Nomad” evolutionary personality model and discover the 3 sub-parts of each type. The course encourages therapists and counsellors to use a variety of techniques in a wonderfully creative and fun way in the “Theatre of the Imagination”, combined with Jungian archetypes, and working in the realm of Avatars, Heroes/Heroines and facing the “Dark Side” or ‘Shadow Self” in Jung’s terminology.

We’ll also be exploring transpersonal work and learn a structured and very effective method of establishing a connection and working with the Inner Guide/Superconscious/Intuition.

This double module is of particular value to hypnotherapists who wish to develop their skills in analytic and parts therapy and to working in a creative and flexible way, as well as for all therapists/coaches who want to learn how to apply personality types and the TA approach in their work.

Advanced Hypnoanalytic work and issues that may arise in subconscious primer work:

  • Starting School

  • Birth of Sibling(s)

  • Hospitalisations/Illnesses

  • Parental Arguments

  • Arguments with Friends

  • Changing to the ‘Big School’ (or changing schools)

  • First Sexual Discovery/Experience

  • Guilty Secrets

  • Injustices

  • School Exams

  • Moving house/location

  • Going to University/College

  • Starting Work

  • Superiorities

  • Inferiorities

Dissociative Techniques

Techniques that are especially useful for dealing with trauma or things that are ‘too painful’ or upsetting – or to prod a client on gently if they get ‘stuck’. These include:

  • The ‘Book of Life’

  • The ‘Miracle Box’

  • Tell Me a Story

  • The Single Frame of Film

Recall Types: the 5 different types of recall

The Mini-Parts Session

  • ‘Theatre of the Imagination’

  • ‘Magical Arena’


Common Difficulties in Analysis

Jung’s Model of the Psyche


  • The Conscious Ego State

  • Self-Image/Persona

  • Subconscious Memories

  • Shadow Self/Denied psychic material

  • Anima/Animus: opposite sex qualities

  • Collective Unconscious: Universal & Archetype Processes

Jung’s Therapeutic Methologies:

  • Analytical Psychotherapy

  • Active Imagination

  • Mandala Work

Berne’s Transactional Analysis (TA) and Games Theory

  • The 3 Ego States

  • Commonly played games

  • Classification of games into 3 categories

  • The 3 quantative variables in games: flexibility, tenacity and intensity

  • Games and the Karpman drama triangle: Persecutor, Victim and Rescuer.

  • Games and Secondary Gain

  • Rackets

  • The Empowerment Dynamic (TED), created by David Emerald. The antidote or escape from the Drama Triangle.

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