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Integrative Breathwork & Primal Trauma Release

Dates & venue to be announced.


Advanced Breathing Therapy & Primal Trauma Release as a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) opportunity.

This short intensive weekend module is open to therapists, health and well-being coaches and professionals, energy healers, and to those with an appropriate background and interest/experience, such as The Art of Living, Pranayama, and other forms of Breathwork. It can be taken independently & as a CPD (Continuing Professional Development) or CEU (Continuing Education Unit) module. It is open to those with relevant background experience &/or qualifications for professional &/or personal development. For further details contact the Course Leader Dr Leila Edwards:

The course is an introduction to modalities such as Holotropic Breathwork, ‘Primal Scream’ and focuses on ‘Rebirthing’, the art of Conscious Connected Breathing or ‘Vivation’, and will provide a sound basis for the theory and practice of breathing therapy, which is suitable to use alongside other therapeutic approaches. We will cover the psychology of the pre-natal, birth and postnatal period that form our first experiences of life and are the source of primal trauma, often stored through cellular memories.

You will learn how to use breathwork not only to relax and energise but also to release and integrate old 'stuck' emotions and trauma patterns and into new thoughts, feelings and behaviours, thus promoting healing and well-being.

"Incredible... Wow!"
"I felt I'd shed so much 'baggage' from the past in just one session!"
"I feel lighter and far more energised"
"A natural high - amazing!"
"A must for anyone who works with energy healing"

Breathing techniques are an essential part of most relaxation therapies, holistic health systems, and spiritual disciplines. The traditional systems regard breathing as not only a source of oxygen but as the vehicle for the essential life force. The basic premise of 'energy medicine' is that the major causes of human illnesses are the accumulated tensions - emotional, physical and intellectual - that we habitually suppress. These block or interrupt the flow of energy through the body.

These blocked tensions are the result of negative experiences and the accompanying negative emotions, thoughts and memories. They create toxic residues that are stored at a cellular level and it takes a huge amount of energy to keep these tensions suppressed. This is reflected in most people's breathing patterns which are shallow and inadequate. Without realising it, we hold our breath on a regular basis to avoid feeling the distress and discomfort associated with these suppressed tensions. Whenever we hold our breath, we shut down much of the muscular system, creating 'body armour', a term coined by psychologist Wilhelm Reich. This locks the tension in place and we become stuck in particular postural positions that we have adopted. Most people chronically under-breathe, using only about 20% or so of the full capacity of their lungs. 

The powerful techniques taught in this intensive course enable people to experience deep relaxation along with often profound realisations and understandings of the ways in which they can release chronic tensions and inhibitions to create increasing empowerment and enjoyment in both their inner, and outer, relationships.

This course is one of the taught modules of the International Advanced Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy & Counselling that is suitable to be taken as a 'free-standing' module for continuing professional development (15 hours of CEU credits) for those who are therapists, counsellors or healers, or work in a related profession. A Certificate of Attendance will be provided. All our CPD modules are accredited by the Association for Professional Hypnosis and Psychotherapy (APHP), and the National Register for Psychotherapists and Counsellors (NRPC), and various other professional bodies and registers.

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