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Graduates of our courses give us consistently ‘excellent’ ratings in feedback on their training and the support provided by the course team. The following are just a few examples. If anyone wishes to be put in touch with recent graduates in order to discuss their experience as our students, we are always happy to supply some contact details and below you'll find some examples of websites of graduates who are now conducting successful practices as therapists. Our graduates have established practices not only in the GCC but around the world including: the UK and EU, America, Canada, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, etc. 

Fiona Andrews.jpg

Fiona Andrews

Psychiatric Nurse, Teacher, & graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CBT Diploma & NLP. Diploma in Active Hypnobirthing.

'I would like to thank Leila and Phil for all their hard work on our behalf. They are so much more than just tutors, working tirelessly to bring training of the highest standard to their students. They teach with passion and humour and really care about each and every student, helping and coaching wherever necessary.


I have loved being part of it all for the past two+ years and look forward to ongoing professional development, and continuing to work with them.'

Christal Dennis.jpeg

Christal Dennis

Graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CBT Diploma & NLP & progressed to complete her Masters in Psychology

'This course is so useful and facilitative of growth. I was able to discover my creative ability, my reactions to stress and I now also know that I can do public speaking. Dr Leila's teaching style and the content presented was of an excellent standard. One always got the feeling that she was not only presenting relevant material but also trying to convey the nuances of being a really good hypnotherapist and also always stressing the importance of ethical and caring behaviour towards clients. Phil's presentations also helped us all have a much broader view of healing and as our Course Tutor, he gave support in such a way that gave us confidence to bring out the best. It facilitated a very valuable open-mindedness in us and understanding of the need to enquire and think independently.' 

Abeer Al Mefleh (2).jpg

Abeer Al Mefleh

Diploma Graduate

'I'm so happy with my results, it’s an honour to be a student in your class and to have you as a mentor and a great, fun and inspiring teacher. Thank you, Dr. Leila, & Phil, for putting this course together, thank you for all the effort and the devotion and hard work you put into your teaching which helped us all, each reaching their own potential. Mabrook for making your vision a reality and thank you for a wonderful year. Congratulations to all of us on a year's work well done!'

Eman Nooruddin.jpg

Eman Nooruddin

Graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CBT, Certificate in Satir Counselling, & NLP Master Practitioner, Gastric Mind Band (GmB) Therapist. Co-Founder of Insights Therapy Centre

'I have always been very ambitious and I know that whatever I put my head to it will happen. All I need to do is work hard to make my future dreams to become a reality. Throughout my life all I wanted to do is really make a difference. My idols were the likes of Oprah, Tony Robbins and Randy Pausch. I never had the courage to pursuit that when I was in college or in schools. But the first step into making my dream come true was to register on the Diploma Course. Now that I am a therapist and actually living out my dream, all I can do is dream bigger and achieve more, by changing people’s lives for the better and help them live and pursue their dreams.'

Mira Culic 1.jpg

Mira Culic-Griffiths

Physiotherapist, graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CBT, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed NLP Coach. Co-Founder of The Mind Takeaway & Coaching for Happiness

'During my studies with Transformations Institute I have realized that it actually made me learn about and not just overcome my own issues and understand the human psyche and behavior but also it made me understand and love people, made me compassionate, empathic, a good therapist and now I’m grateful for everything. Thank you Dr Leila and Phil for being supportive throughout this process of self-discovery and professional learning, I think that I cannot explain by words, all that I’m feeling for you and how much you and your presence means to me. And, Dr Leila, I believe that without your personal beauty and commitment in your work and life it would not be the same; a teacher in an academic way could probably be anyone but a teacher like you: compassionate, eager to share knowledge, passionate, that kind of a teacher can be only you. Reflecting on my learning has helped me to release emotions, share them and see my future as I want it to be. Thank you.'

Noreen White-O'Loughlin.jpeg

Noreen O'Loughlin

Graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma, CBT, & NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed NLP Coach

Assisted on Diploma & NLP courses

'I would like to thank Transformations for opening my eyes and my world over the last few years that I have trained with them. I would very much like to continue to study and grow my knowledge and experience further.'

Josephine Croke 1.jpg

Joephine Croke

 Graduate of the Diploma and Advanced Diploma, CBT, NLP Master Practitioner

'The courses I completed with Transformations Institute have proved to be very useful to me and I often reflect on certain key points both in my personal life, work life, where I have been able to use many of the NLP and communications techniques with my team, and with therapy clients. I also find the Supervision Groups very helpful and will continue to attend those groups, if available; if not I will have one to one supervision. I hope the group will still meet regularly to support each other and I will do my part to make that happen. I hope that the next five years will continue to be as inspiring and life changing as the last three years. Thank you, Dr Leila and Phil.'

Mirna Iwaza.jpg

Mirna Iwaza

Graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Coach, Certified Satir Model Counsellor

'The Diploma, Advanced Diploma, NLP, Coaching and Satir Counselling courses I’ve studied with Transformations Institute have widened my horizon by giving me a sound grounding in theory as well as practical applied skills and hands-on tools and, most importantly, gave me the qualifications and the confidence that I need for a successful future. I intend to continue my learning and professional development so as to enhance my ability to help clients with different kinds of challenges.'

Jyoti Bablani.jpg

Jyothi Bablani

Yoga Teacher & Energy Healer, graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma, CBT, NLP Practitioner, Certified in Satir Model Counselling, trained in Pause Button Therapy (PBT) & Gastric Mind Band (GmB)

'Dr Leila and Phil have always been a huge inspiration to me with the way they have forged ahead with their dreams, it is amazing that they are doing all that they do. 


If it wasn't for Dr Leila and Phil, i wouldn't be where I am today, i thank them both from the bottom of my heart for being the catalyst for transformation in my life. I am living the life I dreamt of, and am grateful to them both and for what they do through the Transformations Institute. I wish them well as they continue to transform lives across the globe. Love & Light.'

Dr Olessya Burgess 2.jpg

Olessya Burgess

Medical Doctor & graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, CBT Diploma & NLP. Founder of Cairns Life Therapy

'The subjects covered and the materials have been incredibly informative to me, the class atmosphere was amazing, teaching techniques and methods were fascinating. I was always looking forward to the days of the modules for I enjoy learning & interacting with people. I have recommended the course to several individuals & always speak very passionately in retrospect as to how it has changed my life & that I found it so professionally run & educational. I feel very privileged to meet & be taught by Dr Leila & Phil, both are incredible educators/instructors. The last two academic years have been the highlight of my life.  


I always had the desire to get back into the professional world after focusing throughout my learning years into helping to heal people, first as a doctor and now as a therapist. Training with Transformations Institute had an enormous positive impact and helped me to reinstall that confidence. Now I know that I can help myself to get well, get better in every possible way, I can help others also through therapy, guidance, or even with positive, encouraging word or a helpful example. I sincerely hope and aspire to help my present and future patients/clients for I know how much work is needed to be prepared and completed in order to free yourself, be assertive and happy in choices you make in life. Happiness is my choice and the source of happiness is within me. I know that my option is to live the life I desire, not the one that imposed on me. Now I can apply all of my skills and the knowledge I gained. A big heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart.'  


Mai Elsayed

School Counsellor, UK psychology graduate & graduate of the Diploma & Diploma in CBT.

'Sincerely thanking you for this wonderful Diploma. Not only did it make my dream come true, but also this course has helped me to grow on so many levels. It was like I was seeing the world in 2D and throughout the Diploma you were giving me the 3D glasses to see the world in more dimensions and with a fuller perception, rather than having ‘tunnel vision’. I am on cloud nine.'

Shabana Ikram.jpeg

Shabana Ikram

Graduate of UK Psychology degree, & Diploma and Advanced Diploma Graduate

'After completing the Diploma I was gleaming with confidence and a sense of self-empowerment, but the Advanced Diploma gave me an in-depth knowledge on certain essential topics that most of my clients will easily relate to. Every module was thorough with its own learning points that can serve as guidelines in my practice. In addition, the level of comfort with my colleagues made it a hugely enjoyable and interactive experience.'

Shakti Edwatds.jpg

Shakti Edwards

 Graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Diploma in CBT, Diploma in Active Hypnobirthing, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Coach, Certified Satir Model Counsellor, Lead Trainer in Dr Paul Ekman’s Science of Truth & Lies & Emotional Skills and Intelligence (EQ) with Behavioural Psychology from the Emotional Intelligence Academy. Founder of Transformations Zurich.

'After graduating from the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses I steadily gained confidence as a therapist. In order to ‘be present’ with your client, you need to put your own insecurities to one side, otherwise how can you hope to really calibrate them and be attentive to them and their needs?  This realisation has had a positive influence on me because I think I am learning to do exactly that.


Dr Leila talked about word-of-mouth and referrals being the way that therapists most often build up their client list and I’m happily surprised that as I have gradually built up my practice I have an increasing number of people from previous clients of mine who have recommended me to others. 


Dr Leila’s Supervision Group has been an enormous help; it’s been excellent to hear about other therapists’ experiences in the consulting room, to share different resources, tools and ideas about how to work with particular clients or issues, and to receive Dr Leila’s expert guidance and feedback.  I plan thoroughly for sessions and I feel as though I am constantly learning in this profession, with each new client that I work with. When I look back at how I have progressed over the last few years I can honestly say that I feel proud of what I have achieved so far.'

Suzanne Ness.jpeg

Suzanne Ness

Graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma

'I feel after this past two years of study I am well trained and confident to be an excellent therapist. I have learned so much more over this year of advanced study with the supervision sessions and the exposure to more advanced psychotherapy techniques and uses for hypnosis. I feel I am really ready now to embark on my new career and that I have the skills and knowledge to help so many people. I honestly don’t know how I would have achieved this level of competence and confidence if I didn’t have this excellent training from Transformations Institute. I had put off taking this training for so many years as I didn’t feel there was a good enough course available to me until Transformations came to Dubai. After completing these past 2 years, my instincts have been validated.


I so appreciate all the passion and effort Dr Leila and Phil have put into this course and all the extra valuable information they provide. I feel that we, who have been trained by Transformations Institute, have been given so much more and I realize this with such gratitude.


I hope can continue to train with you for years to come. I am looking forward to travelling to your centre in Morocco!'

Corina Zanner-Entwhistle.jpg

Corina Zanner-Entwhistle

Graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma, CBT, NLP Master Practitioner & Licensed Coach, Certified Satir Model Counsellor, Trainer in Dr Paul Ekman’s Science of Truth & Lies with Behavioural Psychology from the Emotional Intelligence Academy. Founder of Executive Mind Solutions.

'The last two years have been a huge learning curve for me - I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the course, and hugely admire the vast knowledge base of both Phil and Dr. Leila.  I am very sorry that this time is coming to an end, as they are a true inspiration in many ways.  Knowing that they have always been there to answer questions and provide support has always been very comforting.  They also remind me of how much there is still for me to learn.  I feel that this course has certainly provided me with a very good base and an introduction to many topics, a great reminder of the fact that learning really is a life-long process.  


Coming to the end of the Advanced Diploma, I realise how much more confidence this has given me to work as a therapist.  As mentioned above, I know that my journey is far from complete, in fact it may just be the beginning, and that I will continue to learn as much as I can about this fascinating topic of the human mind and behaviour in as many different ways as I can.'

Jasmin El-Gohary.jpg

Jasmin El-Gohary

Doctor of Dentistry, graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma

'I thoroughly enjoyed the last two years of the Diploma and Advanced Courses in Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. Both our Course Leader, Dr Leila, and Course Tutor, Phil, were and are such enthusiastic and knowledgeable teachers.


Dr Leila and Phil both certainly know how to get the information across in a very good way. They each bring something different to the classes and complement each other well. Thanks to them both for all of their hard work, effort, lectures, story-telling and practical exercises.  I shall miss hearing Dr Leila say “STOP” to start our modules off first thing in the mornings. I enjoyed it when I volunteered to come forward for demonstration, to be hypnotized by Dr Leila. I have had a really good group of classmates over the past two years. From Transformations Institute’s courses, I have made good contacts with other therapists, and some have become good friends. My sincere thanks for everything.'

Anne Laure-Renard.jpg

Anne-Laure Renard

Masters in Clinical Psychology, graduate of the Diploma & Advanced Diploma, NLP Master Practitioner, CBT Diploma, Certified in Satir Model Counselling. Founder of at Life-Ease

'Through completing the Diploma and Advanced Diploma courses I grew not only professionally but also personally. I learned a wide range of modalities and approaches, including hypnotherapy, Parts Therapy, CBT, NLP, Satir Model Counselling, Jung and transpersonal work, and have had a number of “light bulb” moments. I now have skills that I am able to combine and use according to the needs of the client and their different personalities. Through various personal work, work with some colleagues and work performed during the classes, I have been able to find my balance, feel happier that I ever have been since a very long time – pre-adolescence time – and on the path of continuous transformation.


I have learned how to free myself from the past guilt, longstanding anger. I am more living in the present and able to look at my emotions to decide how I want to manage them. I feel one with my body, feelings and am mind. I accept that there are things that the reason alone cannot grasp and it is fine that way. I accept that I am responsible to for fulfilling my own yearnings and that others can have a different view of the reality.  I am much more present too with my family and friends and, still try to find the time for myself when needed.


Of course, I am not perfect and I know I still have a lot to learn and to grow into but I believe that I am moving in the right direction and I am enjoying it.'

Laila Al Khadem Headshot Cert.jpg

Laila Al Khadem

Psychologist & family therapist, graduate of the Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Diploma in CBT, & NLP Practitioner

'Leila and Phil, thank you for everything, I think we all enjoyed the whole experience because of your high human and professional qualities. I miss the course and miss all of you.'


Gladys Gillespie

Midwife & graduate of Diploma & Advanced Diploma courses. Diploma in Active-Hypnobirthing.

'An exciting and immensely rewarding journey for me personally and professionally. It clarified everything I had already learned and further deepened my knowledge of the human psyche, emotional conflict and disorders and explored hypnotherapy and other therapeutic modalities providing us with a more comprehensive and identifiable set of tools in our therapy 'tool box' that are accessible and adequate for use in our sphere of practice. I am now more aware of each client's individuality and therefore therapy requirements.' 

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