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Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) UK-Accredited Diplomas

  • Diploma in CBT with the Psychology of Depression, Grieving & Loss

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  • Diploma in Eating Disorders & OCD

We also offer a Diploma in the Psychology of Eating Disorders & OCD, which incorporates the principles of CBT. Please ask for details.


The two-part UK-accredited CBT Diploma provides an intensive short training for professional practitioners seeking CPD in the theory & practice of CBT. The Diploma qualification is awarded on successfully passing the post-course exam. These qualifications are accredited for CPD purposes, constituting a total of 40 CEU credit hours.


The course is suitable for those with an appropriate background, including: psychotherapists hypnotherapists, counsellors, well-being coaches, health & medical professionals, educators with pastoral roles, etc. who wish to learn & apply the basic principles & practices

of CBT, which can be combined very effectively with other modalities. In particular, the courses integrate complementary practices from modalities such as clinical hypnotherapy and NLP.

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