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Video Testimonials

Graduates of our courses give us consistently ‘excellent’ ratings in feedback on their training and the support provided by the course team. The following are just a few examples. If anyone wishes to be put in touch with recent graduates in order to discuss their experience as our students, we are always happy to supply some contact details and examples of websites of graduates who are now conducting successful practices as therapists and coaches. Our graduates have established practices not only in the GCC but around the world including: the UK and EU, USA, Canada, Mexico, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Mexico, Norway, Finland, etc.    

'One of the best decisions I've ever made. I now have a successful child therapy practice in Dubai.'

‘It was a great course that enabled me to do my Masters in Positive Psychology and now a PhD.’

‘I loved every moment of my training. It’s so fascinating, so interesting. I've learned so much.’

‘It’s amazing. Dr Leila is absolutely wonderful, she makes everything so natural and easy to practice.’

‘Very impressed by the professionalism & loved the materials. Great rapport & very approachable.’

'I love the course, it's so much fun. I liked learning about how to work with different personality types.'

'Through the depth of their knowledge I find myself transformed & have numerous personal clients.'

‘The course was just so well structured & interesting. You become a knowledgable & confident therapist.’

'My love for learning was reignited. I gained the tools to be a confident & successful therapist.'

‘Brilliant, Phil’s training skills have set the bar so high & spoiled me for life! It's amazing!'

‘Their teaching style means I got so much more than just a course. I recommend it to anyone.’

'Very useful for my work situation. I can definitely see myself using these skills in the near future.'

‘A great learning experience. It will change my life totally. Every student should take this course.’

'Dr Leila & Phil are truly amazing teachers! A bundle of new knowledge and a wonderful experience.'

‘The teaching makes it really excellent. I've gained the tools to change myself & help my clients.'

‘In Transformations Institute it's the best training in NLP I’ve found anywhere in the world.’

‘All fantastic courses, worth far more than I was charged. I've already begun to use the skills.’

'The problem I had two hours ago, I don't have it any more. It's really spooky! I've learned a lot.'

‘It's amazing & opens up your horizons. I leveraged my communication skills to another level.’

'NLP changed my life, it's so easy for me now. We should implement these courses in primary schools.'

‘There was plenty of time to practice & it was way better than I expected. I'm really pleased I did it.'

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