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Archetypes & Advanced Parts Therapy

In my Advanced Diploma training I was introduced to more regression techniques and being able to discern the ancestral characteristics of a client. Thereby enabling more effective and appropriate types of regression techniques to be used, enabling the best therapeutic outcome. Including, understanding the sub-personalities of the W S N, by going deeper into their personality traits and identifying the part that owns the problem. I have called on the Inner Advisor or Inner Guide during some of my practice sessions, I have found not only does it help the client find resolution but bring comfort and a greater belief in their own abilities.  Since writing the above I have worked with clients on finding their Inner Guide and it has proved very valuable to each client.

I have found one of the most important actions during parts therapy is to always show respect of the sub-conscious and each part, by thanking them for their help and where appropriate their agreement to reframe the way they deal with an emotion or situation.  This always brings about a good response and then should you at anytime in the future have any of these parts come forward again, they are aware of who you are and know you will be respectful of their position and  be willing to work with you again.

When being a ‘client’ during a practice session within the module, I asked to work on my fear of driving. Whilst in hypnosis, it came to light that during a previous life, in America, I was driving my car and I knocked a child down and killed them. I had had this repeated nightmare all my life and as a result I had not learnt to drive until I was forced to at age 44.  Now I know exactly why. The person working with me took me to a theatre and as I sat down in a seat I felt so sick I thought I would have to leave the room, but as I watched the movie and relived the experience it began to abate. I felt drained afterwards and was now dealing with a strong feeling of guilt.

The lady who worked with me offered to get together to do Gestalt but my daughter had gone down with swine ‘flu so I though it better to keep my distance.

Phil gave an extremely fascinating presentation about Carl Jung, I was so fascinated that I went out and bought ‘Memories, Dreams and Reflections' to learn more about his Analytical Psychology.  I will give an update later on as to my feelings on this book.  I also bought the ‘I Ching’, more on that later as well.  He was very intuitive and it was refreshing to find someone who was open to all possibilities and did not put people into boxes.  The Mandalas were beautiful and extremely complicated, at the moment I cannot imagine ever being able to create something so beautiful.  I will be doing research into Mandalas to improve my knowledge and understanding.

At the beginning of the presentation Phil told us a ‘story’, he asked us to then interpret this in a drawing.   I put down how I felt at the time but did not explain it very well.  In essence it described the circle of life represented by beginning and ending with the bowl of knowledge.  As is the case when we are in our younger years we are given the knowledge required to grow and develop, from then on it is up to us to acquire knowledge, expand on it and improve ourselves where ever possible and hopefully improve others lives in the process.  However, when someone is a high achiever, in any field, there are always those that wish to take it away from them, as represented by the invading forces in the story. 

This can take you right back to the beginning and you have to start all over again.  Tiger Woods is an example of how if you take your gift or abilities for granted and abuse your situation, then eventually it catches up with you and you have to face the facts of life.

I practiced the Miracle Box technique with a volunteer client during this module.  It was very powerful.  The following is how the session practice went:

Working on Tardiness.

Box:  Wood with intricate design, coloured stones - semi precious with gold decorations.

First look in box.


Spinning top.

You felt it meant spinning out of control.  Trying to do too much too quickly.  Everything going so fast, out of control.

Stop technique.


Agreed to do a list of jobs needed for each day, prioritise the jobs and only set yourself the jobs that are achievable during each day.

Second look in box.

Pear shaped stone, really pretty. 

Meant slow down, stop and smell the roses.

Anchored the feelings in the right hand by squeezing the egg (pear shaped stone).  Slow down; take time to enjoy the simple things in life, like flowers, the sunshine, the coloured lights on the buildings outside the apartment.

Third look in box.

Key looked gold to begin with but then became brass colour.

This was the key to the problem.  The key to study.

The key to the problem.  Jobs needed to be done, but put off the tasks because of how you felt from the spinning top.  Feel planning is the answer.

Time for yourself; add to list to ensure list is balanced.  Join an exercise class.

Fourth look in box.

A marble, held in left hand, means joy, fun, happiness.

Anchored those feelings.

Since then this client has emailed me to say she found a stone just like the one she described at her home, it was a gift given to her many years ago.  She is also making list to enable her to keep control over her day to day working.

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