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I Stopped Smoking with Hypnotherapy

Having tried dozens of times to stop smoking, a Bahrain-based PA decided to book a ‘Stop Smoking’ course with Consultant Hypnotherapist, Leila Edwards.  She found hypnotherapy “a truly unique, wonderful and empowering experience!” She says, “Leila completely reprogrammed me and I stopped smoking immediately, with no cravings or cranky side effects”.

Silver Bullet

This lady believes that “if there’s ever a ‘silver bullet’ for quitting an addiction or habit then this is it!” She describes Leila Edwards as “a delightful, sympathetic, highly professional consultant, who was truly interested in my well-being” and found that “the quality of professionalism and follow-up is extremely high and produces excellent results”. She is one of many clients who say that they can recommend Leila’s services in the highest terms to anyone who is serious about making positive life-changes.

Leila is a qualified counsellor and advanced hypnotherapist, personally trained by leading practitioner, Valerie Austin, and in clinical hypnosis by Gil Boyne, a renowned hypnotist, educator, and Founder of the American Council of Hypnotist Examiners, who created "Transformational Therapy". She has also completed specialist training in Hypnotherapy for HIV/AIDS and Immunity Disorders with the Hypnosis Health Service. As Chair of the Austin Training International Advisory Board she was a representative to the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council and remains a partner in a Harley Street practice.
A skilled professional with sound academic credentials, Leila has successful experience of personal development, coaching, consultancy, counselling and training in both public and private sectors. She has served as a Dean and Director at a number of prestigious universities and colleges in the UK and the Middle East and has expertise in education and human development in the fields of health & illness, complementary therapies, stress management, & communication skills. As a tutor and team leader for the Open University Business School, Leila specialises in creativity, innovation and change for MBA programmes, post-MBA masterclasses and corporate clients. She has also featured in a BBC television production as a specialist in creative problem-solving.

An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, and College Governor, Leila has been honoured with a Women of the West Award  for her public service and contribution to further education. Leila’s interest in positive approaches to health care and parent education have also led her to serve as an elected representative to the Community Health Council.

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