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Many people associate hypnotherapy with overcoming bad habits, such as smoking, or for helping to lose weight or overcome phobias and fears. In fact, hypnosis has many other applications and is a key element of performance enhancement in personal and professional development.

Psychology is now an essential part of sports coaching, explains Consultant Hypnotherapist, Dr Leila Edwards, who was formerly a Dean at the prestigious University of Bath in the UK, renowned as a centre of excellence for sports and home of ‘Team Bath’ whose world-class athletes include Olympic swimmers and international competitors. There have been many studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of ‘mind over matter’. “For example, if swimmers visualize that their fingers are longer, they actually swim faster!” says Leila, “Focusing on positive images whilst in a state of deep relaxation has been proved to result in improved performance”. When a person is under stress this can cause mental blocks which create physical tension and adversely affect performance. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for overcoming such blocks and reprogramming the mind to improve performance and confidence and help the client regain their form, whether on the golf course, tennis court, or in the boardroom.

Courses that change lives for the better

“Most people want more time, money, freedom, good health, fulfillment and happiness,” says Leila, who runs courses for individuals and groups. “Hypnotherapy, combined with effective coaching and counselling, enables my clients to increase their productivity, work and learn smarter, read faster, improve memory and concentration, and enjoy greater confidence and self-esteem”. She has many clients who confirm that a course with Leila has changed their life for the better, including busy executives from the corporate sector and other professionals who have mastered ‘hypnolearning’.

Leila is able to share her experience of teaching creativity, innovation and change to MBA and post-MBA Masterclass students for the Open University Business School and has featured as an expert in the media, including a BBC programme on facilitating creative problem-solving.  “I show my clients how to think in open mode, stimulate and apply imagination, harness creative energy, master new skills and make the key choices necessary to transform the quality of life and achieve a new blueprint for success”.


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