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Overcome Phobias with Hypnotherapy

Sarah-Jane McEntee, Business Development Manager for Allied Pickfords, Bahrain, is no wimp, having only recently participated in an abseiling event to raise money for charity. However, she had a problem that caused her a major inconvenience when it came to having any kind of medical treatment - she suffered from a severe phobia of needles. “It was so severe I couldn’t even hold or go near a needle, let alone have one administered!” recalls Sarah.

As Sarah was due to have an operation, this phobia presented a real problem that she didn’t know how to overcome. Fortunately, a friend of Sarah’s recommended that she should book a course with specialist Consultant Hypnotherapist, Leila Edwards. Sarah had visited a hypnotist once before in the UK so she was not apprehensive at all, knowing that it was perfectly safe and “nothing to worry about”.

Sarah explains how Leila took her back to the root of her phobia to overcome her fear, “After 4 sessions with Leila, I could actually hold a hypodermic needle and point it on to my skin without my usual behaviour: loss of breath and then running towards the nearest exit!”

A few weeks after the sessions Sarah was finally able to have her operation. Before surgery she had to have an HB test. “I did that without flinching,” she says. “Usually I would be in a complete state, pacing the hospital floors, panicking and that’s just at the idea of having a small prick on the thumb!” However, by using Leila’s hypnosis techniques, including mental reprogramming, deep breathing and relaxation, Sarah managed to calm herself down and says that she “felt great” and that she is “thrilled to have lost the old feelings I got when I saw a needle.”

Sarah highly recommends Leila for anyone that has any type of bad habit or phobia. “Leila puts you totally at ease; she is caring and considerate to one’s needs.  Once you meet her you will feel as if you have always known her. I had an incredible journey with Leila and I am so glad we met”.

POSTSCRIPT: Sarah Jane is now so thoroughly clear of her phobia that she was subsequently able to successfully go through a course of acupuncture!

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