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Dr Leila Edwards, co-founder & Principal of the multiple award-winning Transformations Institute, is a leading international consultant specialising in human development through applied positive psychology. A clinical hypnotherapist, psychotherapist, coach & trainer with practices in Harley Street, London, & the Middle East, Dr Leila’s passion is empowering her clients & students to transform their lives by fulfilling their highest potential.


Her career has spanned the fields of personal & professional development, promoting holistic approaches to health & wellbeing for 50 years. As a Dean & Director in prestigious universities & colleges in the UK & Middle East, Dr Leila has conducted research in education, health care & wellbeing. She has supervised & trained many teachers, coaches, counsellors, therapists, health & medical professionals as well as working in the corporate environment. Dr Leila is a Licensed Master Practitioner, Coach & Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ for the international Society of NLP™, personally “highly recommended” by the original creator & co-Founder of NLP, Dr Richard Bandler.


A pioneer of innovative approaches, from assertiveness training, communication & management skills, to active hypnobirthing and effective stress management, Dr Leila has established therapeutic & management development centres in the UK & Middle East. As a specialist in creativity, innovation & change, she has served as a Team Leader & Tutor for the Open University Business School & taught on many MBA & post-MBA Masterclass programmes. Her work has regularly featured in the press and broadcast media.


An elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts & Honorary Member of the Golden Key International Honour Society, Dr Leila has advised government ministers, policy-makers & corporate leaders. She has been actively involved in many professional associations as a Fellow & Diplomate and was honoured with a Women of the West Award for her outstanding public service to lifelong learning.

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