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Relationship Repair*

A six-lesson online CPD course for therapists and counsellors on working with relationship issues.

Become supremely confident working with individuals or couples who are experiencing difficulties in their relationship, or who seem unable to get into one or sustain it. Work competently and effectively with:

  • Sexual misunderstandings

  • Overcoming parents' teachings

  • 'Fraudulent advertising'

  • Rekindling romance - and sex

  • Handling rejection calmly

  • Ending things elegantly

  • Finding 'The One'

  • Making it last for life

And many other problems including: shyness, unrealistic expectations, personality clash, destructive competitiveness, 'chatting up' problems and more.

Course Format

Designed specifically for the professional therapist, this course is based around Terence Watts' best- selling book on relationships, “The Secret Life of Love and Sex”. Terence has worked with relationship issues for many years and so you will find everything you need to be successful as a relationship counsellor in these six lessons. The course is delivered by Dr Leila Edwards, a relationship counsellor with 40 years’ experience in this field.

Under the terms of the book publication agreement it cannot be included as part of this course, unfortunately, though you will receive relevant excerpts as course notes (the book itself is available from Amazon and good bookshops everywhere.) All the information you need to be supremely successful is included so you will be able to help clients recognise and overcome such problems as:

  • Destructive competitiveness

  • Irrational jealousy

  • Dealing with bullying

  • Dealing with personality clash

  • Arguing without divorcing

  • Why saying 'we need to talk' is bad!

  • How to apprach a problem positively

  • Knowing when to quit

  • Getting over a break up - fast

  • How to know straight away if somebody is 'the one'

  • Recognising when a relationshop is finished

  • Starting over – confidently.

  • And a whole lot more besides... in fact, it's fair to say that if a relationship problem exists, the solution is almost certainly included in this course!

Personality work

Part of the course uses a relationship-specific version of the world-renowned Warriors, Settlers & Nomads evolutionary personality concept - this will show you:

  • The Three Men That Women Want

  • The Three Women That Men Want

  • What they've actually got!

But it goes far deeper than that, giving you the tools that will let you help your client towards realistic expectations and understanding with their current partner, or how to ensure their next one is a better match for them. It will allow you to help them recognise why they are attracted to the 'wrong' types and how to make what might be the most important change of their entire life. And it will give you the confidence to know when to guide your client to the conclusion that the only way is out and the ability to do it... Because there are occasions when this is the case, when the current liaison is completely beyond repair. And you'll even be able to help the client to do that with the minimum amount of pain and fuss.

If you want to be able to work confidently and effectively with all manner of relationship issues, this is the course for you!

*This course is accredited by EICH and APHP for 9 hours of CPD/CEU.

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