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Working with Children, Young People, Families & Parents

This 2-day intensive online module covers the stages of child development, effective parenting and family dynamics.

The manual provides a wealth of information that can be used in educating and working therapeutically with parents, and facilitate working with children and young people. The material is divided into four sections: ‘teenies, ‘tweens and ‘teens, and then a section on family therapy and using hypnosis and hypnotherapy with children.

For each of the stages we will cover and consider relevant factors:

  • the states of physical, cognitive, emotional and social development and developmental ‘warning signs’, where appropriate

  • issues such as “potty training”, sleeping problems, etc.

  • nutrition and healthy eating, dealing with ‘fussy eaters’

  • different parenting styles and mindful parenting: setting parenting goals

  • different approaches to behaviour management and ‘discipline’

  • the power of language and active, empathic listening and communication skills

  • family dynamics and sibling issues

  • learning responsibility

  • handling ‘failure’

  • peer relationships

  • dealing with bullying

  • adolescent risk-taking

  • sexual health, education and the law

  • stress management for children and young people

The course manual includes a brief introduction to Satir Model Counselling (see dedicated page for freestanding module on this topic).

We will discuss a number of typical situations and how these can be handled and also consider examples of therapists working in a practical way with children, using different techniques including: Hypnotherapy, Play Therapy, the Growth Mind Set approach, applying Ericksonian conversational hypnosis, all with very positive outcomes. 

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