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You Are the Placebo

At last, a book that shows how everything that we teach people in NLP about how our neurology works, and about how the mind affects the body, for better or worse, is objectively true. I was so pleased when I came across it because now I don't have to do all that research myself.


For decades, we've been teaching people that NLP is empirical and that we don't have the science to back up its claims. There are, of course, millions of people who don't need the science because they have experienced the results, but there are also plenty of people who do need that kind of information in order to give it a try. I thought that maybe, one day, I would have tracked down enough of the hard science to be able to demonstrate to those people that changing their minds really can change their bodies as well. Thanks to Dr Joe that is no longer necessary and I can continue to get on with making it work for people instead. Now I can just point them at the book. It's all here. Dr Joe has meticulously researched the entire pathway of cause and effect all the way from the electrical impulses in the brain, that we call 'thoughts' right down to the genetic changes that take place in our cells as a result of those thoughts.


The teaching, and practice, of NLP can be enriched by the contents of this remarkable book and it's all done without one single mention of NLP!

Phil Edwards

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