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International Society of NLP Master

Certification from Dr Richard Bandler's International Society of NLP

The NLP Master Practitioner course increases the understanding gained on the Practitioner course and then builds on that understanding to develop new knowledge, skills, and techniques to provide a deeper and more practical awareness of NLP's principles and methodology. As a result of this process, your mastery of the creative and innovative applications of NLP will increase.

This will enable you to identify your strengths, abilities and resources and to understand how to use them to live a more fulfilled and successful life, to take control of your emotions, and to become a powerful communicator and persuader who exudes confidence and builds rapport with ease.


Master Practitioner Level Certification Skills Requirements

The ability to master the basic skills, techniques, patterns and concepts of NLP™:

1. Behavioral competency in all Practitioner level skills and the demonstration to do several of these simultaneously.

2. The ability to design behavioral flexibility and attitudes that produce specific results with self and others.

3. Minimum ability to identify and utilize the Master Practitioner skills, techniques, and patterns linguistically:

Changing Beliefs Eliciting & Utilizing Meta-Programs Criteria

Identification of and Utilization of Criteria
Adjusting Criteria

Sleight of Mouth Patterns Deliberate multilevel communication

Stacking Realities
Timeline Patterns
Stacking Presuppositions
Temporal/Spatial Predicates

Negotiating Propulsion Systems Installing Strategies Threshold Pattern Breaking Generalizations & Building New Ones Rapid Inductions, Deep Trance Phenomena Deep Trance Identification

4. Demonstrated ability to do change work with self and others.

©1997 Richard Bandler

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